Meadowsweet (leaf + flower) Tea


Meadowsweet is thought to be one of the best herbal remedies for excess stomach acid and thought to have anti inflammatory properties.

Certified Organic Australian grown, in Tasmania by Highland Herbs Tasmania.

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Botanical Name: Filipendula ulmaria

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Plant description: Meadowsweet is native to Europe and Asia. Meadowsweet has long been valued as a digestive herb. Meadowsweet grows to 1.2 meters high, often found in wet places such as roadside drains in Europe. It is easily recognized by its delicately scented cream flowers which sit in clusters at the top of the reddish stems. The leaves are pinnate with leaflets and are whitish underneath on the flowering stems. The plant dies down in winter.

Part used: Aerial parts.

Harvest: The leaf should be harvested when the plant comes into flower.

Active Constituents: Phenolic glycosides which are salicylate derivatives (spiraein, salicin, gaulterin), flavonoids (3-5%) mainly rutin and other glycosides of quercetin), tannins, essential oil (salicylaldehyde), mucilage.

Energetics: Bitter, astringent, cool.

Actions: Soothing and healing to gastric mucosa, antacid, anti-inflammatory, mild urinary antiseptic, astringent, diuretic, diaphoretic, astringent.

Uses: Meadowsweet has traditionally been used to treat excess gastric acid such as in reflux oesophagitis, gastritis and peptic ulceration. It is thought to reduce inflammation of the bowel, joints and bladder so thought to be useful in colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, rheumatic conditions, cystitis and urethritis. It also can help in the treatment of fever and the common cold.

Dosage: Infusion – pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of dried herb and drink after five minutes. Drink up to one cup three cups per day. Fluid Extract (1:2) – 20 to 40ml/week.

Cautions: Avoid in those known to be salicylate sensitive. Use cautiously with Warfarin.

Interactions: Warfarin, mineral supplements, thiamine, or alkaloids.

Certified Organic Australian grown, in Tasmania by Highland Herbs Tasmania.

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