Burdock (root) Tea


Burdock is a tonic herb with a strong effect on the liver. It is commonly used in the treatment of chronic skin conditions and arthritis.

Certified organic Australian grown, in Tasmania by Highland herbs Tasmania.

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Burdock – has a general cleansing effect, stimulates digestion and is mildly laxative and diuretic. Often used in eczema and psoriasis when the skin is dry and scaling.

Botanical Name: Arctium lappa

Plant Family: Asteraceae

Plant description: Native to Europe and Asia, Burdock is now grown in temperate regions through out the world. It is a biennial growing up to 2.5 m tall with hairy stems and large heart shaped to ovate leaves that can be 45 cm long. The whole plant is dull green in colour. It has red to purple flowers which ripen into burrs covered with tiny hooks. These burrs have the ability to cling to the coat of an animal and thus being carried long distances to spread the seed.

Part used: The root.

Harvest: The roots are unearthed early to mid autumn when the tops have died down or nearly done so.

Constituents: Essential oil, phenolic acids, sesquiterpene lactones, acetylenic compounds including nine containing sulphur, inulin.

Energetics: Bitter, slightly sweet, cool.

Actions: Alterative, aperient, diuretic, mildly antiseptic.

Uses: Burdock is for the treatment of chronic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea and furunculosis. It is also effective in certain types of arthritis and gout.

Dosage: Decoction – boil one teaspoon of dried root in two cups of water for ten minutes in a covered pot. Drink up to one cup three times daily. Liquid Extract (1:2) –10—25 ml/week.

Cautions: None known.

Interactions: None known.

Certified organic Australian grown, in Tasmania by Highland herbs Tasmania.

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