Agrimony Tea (leaf only, no stem)


Agrimony is a gentle tonic for the digestion as a whole and is traditionally specifically used in diarrhoea, especially in childhood.

Certified organically grown in Tasmania, Australia, by Highland Herbs Tasmania

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Botanical Name: Agrimonia eupatoria

Plant Family: Rosaceae

Plant description: From North Europe, this erect downy aromatic perennial grows to approximately 1 m. It has paired leaves, green above and silvery green beneath. The small five petalled bright yellow flowers grow on terminal spikes. Leaves are pinnate.

Part used: The leaf and flower

Harvest: Harvested when the flowers are beginning to blooming.

Active Constituents: Coumarins, glycosidal bitters, flavinoids, tannins, silicic acid, nicotinic acid amide, vitamins B and K, iron, essential oil,Triterpenic and phenolic acids.

Energetics: Slightly bitter, dry, warm.

Actions: Astringent, bitter tonic, diuretic, vulnerary, cholagogue, hepatic.

Certified organically grown in Tasmania, Australia, by Highland Herbs Tasmania

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