About Highland Herbs Tasmania

We have lived on our 210 hectares of magnificent Tasmanian mountain paradise for 40 years. It all began in a small tent, cooking on an open fire. We have slowly built a life focused around our 6 children and our desire to live sustainably in harmony with nature.

Highland Herbs Tasmania was founded in 1990, with the aim of producing the best quality, certified organic, medicinal herbal teas.

Early days…

In our early days we didn’t have a road, fence or building on our property. We came for the inspiring landscape we live in and the opportunity to live a simple life closely connected with Nature. It has been a long hard journey for us that has given many rewards. We truly love being here living this simple life.

Natures abundance

Our water springs from the earth near our home. It is truly a great Blessing to have such a pure source of life flowing continually day and night year after year.

We feel secure in this gift, knowing that living water and the fertile soil we live on will continue to give us sustenance. The air in these mountains of Tasmania is crisp and clean and we enjoy it with every breath.

From our hearts we offer thanks to the Divine Mother who has given us so much.

Learning and Growing

Over the years our farm has developed into a place where not only our family has grown and learnt the many lessons life has for us, but also many others come to work with us and experience the economy of Nature at her best.

We constantly have the help of interested people wanting to learn herb lore and the growing of food and herbs naturally.

Healthy life

The philosophy and practice of yoga have been an important part of our lives and many come to experience this way of living with us. The day usually begins with some yoga practice and unless we are working until after sunset, it ends with meditation.

It is a healthy life that we cherish, and the contact with the many people who come here make our lives rich.

Certified Organic

Our farm has been certified organic since 1992. We produce compost in large quantities to be sure the plants we produce can be at their best and the soil fertility maintained. Much of the garden work is done by hand ; planting, weeding and harvesting.

The herbs are dried in the shade at low temperatures to protect and preserve the healing properties in them.

In some cases the are rubbed to remove stalk and then all are frozen for 4 days to kill any insect eggs that may be present. We grow the plants our climate supports. Other herbs we feel are important to have in our product range, we purchase from certified organic producers.

Our aim is to produce the best and keep those who support us happy.