Our 210 hectare farm, at an altitude of 640m, has pristine spring water and clear mountain air.
Our soil vitality and fertility is increased using our own compost.
Harvesting is done at the optimum time to ensure high content of active ingredients are present in the herbs.
The herbs are dried away from direct sunlight at carefully controlled temperatures.
We take great joy and fulfilment in working with Nature.
Throughout the year, volunteers from all around the world stay with us to learn about herb growing.
Our aim is to produce the highest quality certified organically grown medicinal herbal teas possible.

Certified Organic Herbal Teas


Our online service gives you access to our full range of premium quality Australian grown, certified organic herbal teas, herbal products direct from our farm, in first class condition, delivered to your door. 

The simple philosophy that drives Highland Herbs Tasmania is to produce the highest quality certified organic medicinal herbs. We believe we have achieved this both in our dried whole leaf herbs, flowers, roots and in our skin care range, manufactured from pure, natural organic ingredients.  We grow the majority of the herbs we sell here on our certified organic herb farm in Tasmania.

Our reputation of producing Australias finest quality certified organic herbal teas has been built over the last 20 years, through our attention to detail in the growth, harvest and drying of our herbs and our commitment to working with Nature and Her magical processes.